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I really saw that outcome /solution focussed approach which is what coaching is supposed to be about from you. 


To be honest, much as I have found most coach swaps to be useful and professional, I can say I have only seen you and my coach (face to face) whom I pay to have been able to stick to that so far.  Even though it is not always easy to stick to that outcome focus, I have never regretted paying my coach despite having the access to free coach swaps so I think you should hold onto the fact that you too are/will be worth your money for paid clients.


I also found you bubbly and dynamic as a coach with high energy which I found easy to connect with.


All the best in your coaching journey and continue to flow and enjoy!


I found it very useful to open up on my current issue with my friend in order to ensure my new boundaries with her that I set a few years ago were not violated. 


I have now passed the appointment at Citizens Advice onto her hands on my available day. Furthermore, I have another friend whom I have been trying to meet up with for a few months (whom I might meet that day if my other friend does not follow through). This other friend is supportive, but I have been hesitant as she has constant issues with her daughter whom she enables constantly but is unwilling to place any boundaries with. Sadly the issue here is the grandchildren who grandmothers (maybe more so in the Mediterranean culture) feel they have to get very involved with even if they struggle. I never had that support but did not have the control/overspilling issues either.  

Kinds regards,

Joanne  (Gibraltor)

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